Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Daniel Unger - Student success

The Mander Shopping Centre in Wolverhampton is currently being redeveloped to introduce a fresh 21st century aesthetic. The Centre is commissioning four artists to create site specific work on a selection of hoardings acting as barriers between corridors and building work. The theme of the work is 'City of Secrets' a concept which visually portrays a little know event, movement, or aspect of the forgotten culture or history of the city. This competition has been open to MA students and graduates from the Faculty of Arts.

Daniel Unger, current Visual Communications MA student has been shortlisted - congratulations Daniel.

"As a German in Wolverhampton, my experience of the city differs from those who have been living here for years. Combined with my love for the surreal and abstract I perceive Wolverhampton differently. Colours, shapes, people, buildings, they all look quiet different in my 'reality'. I live in a 'secret version' of Wolverhampton that no one else sees - A colourful and expressionist version of the hidden Wolverhampton, 'City of Secrets'. The idea is to capture 9 different scenes, depicting seemingly ordinary life in and around the city in a way that an artistic mind perceives it." says Daniel

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