Friday, 11 November 2016

Clive Moore at The 5th International Summit of the Book

The International Summit of the Book recently took place in Limerick, Republic of Ireland. The conference, supported by the United States Library of Congress, was well attended with delegates from around the world, including speakers from the World Digital Library, the United Nations, the Library of Alexandria, and the African and European Libraries. The event was also attended by University of Wolverhampton’s PhD researcher and visiting lecturer, Clive Moore. 

Clive’s presentation titled “Haptics, immersion and the fetishisation of print” dealt with issues concerning the transition from print to digital book design and distribution. The key messages that Clive brought back from this conference include the potential opportunities and ongoing anxieties associated with the incursion of technology into education and how contemporary screen-based reading habits impact upon learning.

The International Summit of the Book started in Washington DC in 2012 and has subsequently been held in Singapore, Paris and Alexandria, Egypt. The theme of the Limerick conference was “The book, history, knowledge and technology” and discussions centred on the degree that humans now delegate the curation of information to machines and what the implications of artitifical intelligence are for the future of human cognition."

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