Monday, 14 November 2016

Paulina Wesolowska - design for Scouting magazine

We have just received notification of the 'winning' design by third year student Paulina Wesolowska for live project undertaken by students from Graphics and Visual Communication. Jessica Glaser initiated the live editorial design brief with Immediate Media and the Scouting Association Magazine, to create a new design approach for one of their feature sections. Jeff Leak and Marc Austin launched the project at the start of semester 1 and tutored students through the design process.

The editorial team and the author of the article refined the shortlist submissions as mentioned here and selected the winning design. All shortlisted pieces will be printed on the rev ease of the Scouting magazine Mailing list and the  winning design by Paulina will appear in the December issue of the magazine. Scout Najah, the writer this article helped to select Paulina's design.

Congratulations Paulina and a big thank you to Najah, Immediate Media and Scouting Magazine

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