Sunday, 25 March 2018

Lost and Found Exhibition

In this exhibition Visual Communication students respond to the theme of lost & found, exploring what it is to lose something, only for it to be found at a later time.

In daily life the experience of losing an object routinely used can be annoying and inconvenient; sources from one study revealed that the average adult misplaces up to 3000 items during their lifetime and with tech devices getting smarter there are a number of websites and tracking services promising to make the task of finding lost items easier. Individual exhibit themes include the symbolism and significance of losing and finding individual gloves, the frustration of losing your way whilst driving, real-life experiences for losing belongings only for them to be found years later and loosing connection with family history and re-finding that link through examination of old family photographs.

Lost and Found will also exhibited in expanded form during Artsfest June 2018

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