Friday, 9 March 2018

Nick Loaring of Double Dagger and The Print Project Inspires Visual Communication Students

Staff and students from Wolverhampton School of Art would like to thank Nick Loaring of Double Dagger and The Print Project for visiting, showcasing his distinctive letterpress designs and giving an insight to the origins of his business and his creative inspiration.

Nick's early influences included skateboarding, zines, punk and vinyl records and resulted in his ‘do it yourself’ attitude which lead to studying graphic design at art college. In the 1990’s Nick became a printer and learned to work with paper at a time of change in printing. In 1997 he bought his first case of wood type and having always had an enjoyment of type, progressed to also buying his own 1 tonne, printing press. Letterpress printing became an obsession and in 2012 he received a major commission from Glastonbury Free Press.

It was Nick's work for Parenthesis, the journal of the Fine Press Book Association that triggered his interest in working with pattern and shape, constructing designs in modular form from 12pt letterpress ornaments cast on a Monotype machine. His limited supply of letterpress stimulated experimentation with laser cutting and laser engraving printing blocks from MDF and finally lemon wood. His success drew him to experimentation with overprinting using a range of bright colours, an approach that has become characteristic of much of Nick’s work.

Nick has produced 2 issues of Double Dagger, a journal about and for the printing community. Its content and unusual tactile qualities have resulted complementary responses, motivating audiences increasingly attracted by exploring ideas through letterpress print and ‘having fun’. The next issue of Double Dagger, out in September 2018 will have national distribution as well as being available to buy online here

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