Friday, 25 March 2011

Hayley Payne

I have always wanted to go into graphic design

The effect of undertaking a graphics degree at Wolverhampton University, has been significant. Due to the varied course content I am considerably more employable  than many other designers I have met and I have yet to actually work alongside another designer who has the same spread of experience and expertise in both print and multimedia that I have built up. I have done some additional training since graduating, but the grounding has been perfect. My skill set has become more and more broad whilst my area of expertise has got more and more ‘pigeon holed’.

My MA has prepared me well for a specific career path, it has helped me apply and focus the experience and knowledge I have into a focussed area of expertise.

I currently co-ordinate and brand manager the development and maintenance of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup. This job has provided a learning curve and has been a really enjoyable challenge. I have been able to apply almost every skill I have developed so far, whilst learning more and more everyday.  I am heavily involved in Television and Video projects for the two events and work with our account managers to ensure sponsors get best use out of their affiliation with the competitions whilst also using the brands correctly.
A major, unique aspect of my role also lies at the football matches themselves. I have been trained to work at the events and go out on site and organise the matches. So I get to be 'in the thick' of the actual application of my work. It is a great opportunity to get real job satisfaction and also, to co-ordinating football matches for UEFA is quite an honour and  an unforgettable experience every time.

So whoever says going into design is highly competitive, a tough industry to crack and is low paid, was wrong. It just takes planning! I probably only do about 15-20% design these days; however I couldn’t do my job half as well if I didn't have such a strong design background.


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