Thursday, 24 November 2011

2012 Young Creative Chevrolet Competition

The 2012 Young Creative Chevrolet Competition is a pan-European arts competition nurturing talent and building business acumen for young designers and artists across Europe. With cash prizes available and an opportunity to work with the most influential professionals in the industry, this is a fantastic chance for all emerging artists in the early stages of their career. You can find out more about Young Creative Chevrolet here:

Next year Chevrolet will launch seven new cars and the theme for 2012 competition will be in keeping with the launch. The brief will revolve around Chevrolet’s 'Make it Happen campaign' and participants are encouraged to interpret this message in imaginative and unexpected ways.

Entrants (both individuals and groups) are asked to respond to a creative brief across one of five disciplines including: fashion, photography, video and visual art and the more unique the project the better. 

There are two levels to the competition, first a national round in June and second a European round in July culminating in an awards show in October announcing the overall winners within each category.

All the national winners will be awarded with cash prizes of up to £1,000 and the first place winners will be invited to the European finals. There, they will be judged against other country finalists for a cash prize of up to €4,000 and a chance to work with top professionals in their disciplines. This is the ultimate prize for any budding artist looking to get a behind the scenes look at top companies in their industry.

Since its creation in 2007 the Young Creative Chevrolet competition continues to attract not only more students, schools and countries, but heightened media attention and jury members who are well-known leaders and innovators in their fields. This year’s 2011 awards ceremony was attended by English fashion designer, Wayne Hemmingway, one of Europe’s most respected graphic designers, Neville Brody and nominated Academy Award Film Director, Lucy Walker.

There is no cost at all to register for the competition or to submit an entry. All entry details including the registration form can be found online at

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