Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nick Stapleton - graduate success

I can’t believe that I’ve gained 14 years experience as a graphic designer, since completing my graphics degree at The University of Wolverhampton. In this time I’ve been lucky enough to work on designs involving a variety media, as well as art directing and shooting photography. I’ve designed for organisations including De Montfort University, Norwich City Council and many other companies. 

Since graduation I have really enjoyed developing my skills and I am now not only responsible for creative output, but I also control marketing and advertising budgets. I particularly enjoy working on re-branding projects that help to raise the profile and boost sales for my clients. 

Moving to a work within a small agency, led to fresh challenges including the excitement of promoting music festivals and theatre productions. I particularly enjoy music, having sung and played in a band for along while. 

My current position allows me to enjoy building on the skills of my previous experience. I work in areas including web design, branding, advertising and design for print. My designs need to capture the essence of the company I work for and help the organisation relate better with its audience, creating a stronger brand that sells more proactively.

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  1. What a nice post. Beautiful work and a lovely story. really good to hear :o)