Monday, 23 January 2012

Posterheroes competition

“The problem is that, as generations elapse, we, as occidentals, got convinced that wealth and technology were ”natural”: obvious as the sun rising, free as the rivers flowing. And on this belief, scientifically absurd, irrational as the most archaic superstition, are based all or almost all of our everyday life, all or almost all of our politics. We were sadly able to occult the costs, the risks and the failures of a development based, actually, on a reckless and massive taking of limited resources”
Michele Serra

Posterheroes is the creative showcase of the proactive debate about consumption’s present and future, and of the energetic and material resources’ aware fruition. After the contest’s rst edition, which was centered on the energies’ production, the second edition proposes the issue of consumption, underlining the user’s rhole as an important actor in the consumption/saving global equilibriums, and not merely as a spectator of broader mechanisms. The contest is a way for young people and for the creative community to express their opinion about the resources’ fruition for a sustainable future.

Which kind of consumption model do you propose?
Which kind of scenarium do you imagine for an aware fruition of the
energetic and material resources?

The sensitization to action of the single person can be useful to the entire community. The water, soil, goods, fossil fuels, (as oil and methane), consumption meets our basic needs, and is the way that allows us to perform our daily activities. fondamentali, quali ad esempio lo spostamento, l’igiene, il nutrimento. Il consumo indiscriminato diviene anche consumo di sé, del proprio tempo e del proprio spazio.

Which kind of ideas, choices and actions can be proposed and concretely applied to improve or revolution a reckless and obsolete consumption scenarium?

Through a 50 x 70 poster imagine suggestions and new solutions for the aware resources’ aware fruition’s future. Open new horizons, suggest and promote new perspectives, enhance debate, exchange, awareness and participation, and give voice to the individuals’ and consumers’ social value.

The works consignment, via uploading on our website, will start on the 15th of november, 2011, and will be nishing on february the 15th, 2012, at midnight (GMT + 1).

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