Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Design Museum, London, shortlists Final year Graphic's students for their innovative ideas

Congratulations go to Alex Steer, Christian Leoci, Raymond Chan, Caroline Gibson, Ben Pritchard, Katie Howell and Bradley Ankers, Final Year Graphic Design students who have been shortlisted by The Design Museum, London, to represent the University of Wolverhampton with their innovative ideas developed whilst undertaking the Design Factory Ideas brief. Ideas for this design challenge came following the briefing visit to London as part of the Final Project module 6VC003, featured previously on this blog:

Sarah Green, Design Museum, was keen for Graphic's students, rather than product designers, at Wolverhampton to participate in this renowned briefing to encourage more design students in 2012 to work across disciplines and interrogate the designs, communications and products we interact with in day to day life toward the future. Through design thinking, creative play, experimentation and problem solving students were invited to question the unquestioned and propose innovative and critical redesigns of the everyday.

A selection of the Design Factory submissions will very soon be showcased on the Design Museum website:

These shortlisted Graphic's students will visit the Design Museum in London on the 14th May to meet leading international designers plus collaborate with an exhibiting Designer from Designs of the Year 2012 and also discuss/network their innovative ideas, from environmental waste card systems to media remote control app concepts, with other shortlisters from international universities.


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