Monday, 30 April 2012

Artists in Residence Scheme 2012

Visual Communication graduates may be interested in the The School of Art and Design ‘Artist in Residence Scheme’ that encourage practicing artists to engage with the School and its students. The scheme replaced the previous AA2A programme and has been extended from four artists to ten artists and these are across many subject disciplines. The relationship with the artists, students and the School is seen as really important for all involved and in 2011 has proved to be very successful bringing many benefits.

Scheme•1 day volunteering, plus £10 per day travel expenses gives the artist 1 day access to the School’s facilities. A maximum of 30 days is agreed.
•10 artists covering a range of different subject areas
•Existing artists in residence need to re-apply if they wish to carry on.
•Opportunity open to both graduates and other artists i.e. AA2A, Next Move – but not students studying during the period of residency
•The scheme period is September – August
•A contract is signed setting out what artists can expect and what the School expects. Where artists do not engage with the School as expected consideration can be given to ending the contract earlier.

Artists complete and submit an application form.
Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 13 June 2012
Application form, submissions and queries to: Claire Dunn,

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