Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Taiwan International Design Competition

The theme for this years Taiwan International Design Competition is Maximinimization

The Competition is entering its ninth consecutive year and has already cultivated an extensive international reputation.

In addition to encouraging more imaginative and innovative creations, it also hopes to use current trends to inspire designers to engage in more profound philosophical and humanistic reflection. This will allow designers to not just be confined to an 'object' itself, but to incorporate a return to life's subtleties within their design concepts.

"Design is a kind of magic from the heart of the designers. Observing the subtle psyche of consumers, and giving expression to their needs" 

This is just like people from the Orient who use the smallest seal to make their greatest commitment with their heart. Likewise, simple and easy steps are employed to complete a complex and difficult operation, employing minimum resources to create maximum effect. 

The competition is open to:
Designers; teachers or students of design related departments or schools; people interested in design. (With no restrictions on nationality and age). Participants can join the competition as individuals or in teams. There is no limit on the number of entries.

Entry Categories
Product Design, Packaging Design, Visual Communication Design, Digital Multimedia Design.

Entry is free 
For more information visit: 

Registration deadline is 15 June with submissions needing to be with the organisers by 27 June.

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