Thursday, 6 September 2012

Build up to MA Show

The build up to this years MA show is underway with the exhibition opening to the public at the Public West Bromwich on the 29th September.
Featured hear are some tantalising glimpses of the work of Visual Communication MA student Lena Matthies who's work will form part of the display.

Lena says:
"A lot of musicians get inspiration of things in their surroudings. A musician can be inspired by paintings, people, landscapes or current proceedings. Everything can be a source of inspiration.

I wanted to go one step further. I researched about artists who were inspired by music and musicians who were inspired by paintings. I examined examples with visualizations of music and a musical interpretations of paintings. During this stime I noticed music and things in my surroundings can be abstracted, thus simplified with geometrical forms. As a result these shapes could create a connection between music and design, thus my idea for my project was built.

Unusual sheet music is the title of five interactive books which deal with
photographs of my surrounding that can not only inspire but can also control musicians‘ playing. I divided music into five elements: melody, rhythm,articulation/dynamic, vocals and mood. The photographs include for example birds on wires, tower buildings with different window shade, bark of various trees, sheep grazing or light reflecting on the floor. With the help of geometrical shapes I abstracted photographs, thus on the one hand the graphic works are like a ‘sheet of music’ for the musicians and on the other hand it is easier for viewers to comprehend musicians‘ playing. All elements in combination produce an entirely new song. The interactive design and an MP4 player make it possible to hear, see, smell, taste and touch music, so music becomes a more sensory experience. If consumers suddenly feel like making music they can play with included drumsticks and an instrument."

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