Monday, 26 November 2012

Bernard Aaron Dolecki - Exchange Student

My name is Bernard Aaron Dolecki and I study Fine Art the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. 

“As humans we try to formulate order. My passion is to explore the land of the unknown and combine various concepts and mediums to create new forms of order.” says Bernard. 

I am here in Wolverhampton, UK to study Visual Communication as an exchange student. Design has always been a type ‘visual candy’ for me; I find it stimulating and it ignites my curiosity. I chose Wolverhampton because the program is positive, the cost is similar, and I can, of course speak the language. I have embarked on this adventure to analyze, conceptualize and formulate new ideas to meld with my current knowledge. 

I have a great willpower that is the driving force behind my inquisitive, exploratory, and labor-intensive working methods. I dedicate myself not only to in-class projects but also frequent independent studies. 

At the juried student exhibition at the close of my Associate Degree study, I was awarded Best in Show. At the end of my three semester long senior year, I aim to capture this accomplishment once more. Traveling around the United Kingdom and having the chance to meet and study with some interesting people has been both wonderful and stimulating. It has expanded my mind and has been a wonderful source of design inspiration; nothing short of an amazing experience. 

All photos represent works of mine during my studies at Alfred University.

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