Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Karikaturum international contest

Karikaturum is an international contest of ironic arts held once every two years.
There are two main categories:

• Cartoon - theme ’Beauty’
• Poster - theme ’The beauty will save the world’

Techniques: painting, graphics, printed graphics (etchings, lithography, xylograph and linocut), collage. 

The cartoons must be original, and the copyright remains to the participant. Photocopies, printouts and works sent by e-mail will not be evaluated. The works that have won awards earlier have to contain information where and when they were awarded. Both individuals and teams of artists can participate in the contest. Any number of works will be accepted from each cartoonist.

There is no entry fee.


Karikaturum is an open contest, where both professional and amateur artists can take part, regardless of their education, age, sex and nationality.
For more information visit:


• First Prize: 100,000 Rubles (approx. 3,200 USD)
• Second Prize: 60,000 Rubles (approx. 1,900 USD)
• Third Prize: 30,000 Rubles (approx. 970 USD)

Moreover, the works sent to the competition may be exhibited in Surgut Fine Arts Museum, other museums, galleries and exhibition halls. The works can also be displayed on the Museum website.

The catalogue will be published after the contest. All authors, whose works will be included into the catalogue by the jury decision, will receive a free copy of the catalogue.

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