Thursday, 11 April 2013

Segunda llamada - 3rd International Poster Competition. Deadline June 30th 2013

With the aim to raise awareness over the current environmental situation, Segunda llamada, the Autonomous Metropolitan University and Natura Mexico extends the invitation to participate in this 3rd International Poster Competition.

The theme of the contest is Responsible handling of plastic waste.

Plastic is everywhere around us in our everyday routine, we use it for a variety of products and packages that make our lives easier, safer and cheaper. Unfortunately that entails a serious drawback: plastics pose a serious threat to the environment.

The problem is that plastics are derived from petroleum, and do not biodegrade; instead they photo-degrade, the action of UV rays breaks them down into small pieces that can last 500 to 1,000 years in different physical states. Virtually all of the plastic that has been manufactured still exists, except the ones which have been incinerated; releasing even more toxins into the environment.

The world annually produces over 14 million tons of this material. The vast majority of these containers, used for packaging foods and beverages, end in landfills and scattered everywhere. You don't like garbage inside your house, right? then think about the destination of your waste the next time you face the choice of using or buying plastic products. Trash collectors of your community are not magicians, waste doesn't just "disappear", much less if the materials don't biodegrade easily.

Participants can upload a maximum of 3 proposals (single or conforming series). There is no entry fee.

To download the call for entries visit:

Participation is open to professionals and students all over the world within the areas of design, visual communication and related careers.

The Pre-Selection Committee will select 200 finalists who will be evaluated by the international jury. The jury will select 40 finalist works to become part of a poster itinerant exhibition and the publication of a catalogue. Three first awards and honorary mentions will be granted upon the jury’s decision.

This year's 40 winning designs will be displayed for one month (from October 2013) in street stands along Roma and Condesa area in Mexico City.

The winners of the first three places awards will receive limited edition tshirts and posters of Segunda llamada.

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