Thursday, 26 February 2015

Laydeez Do Comics in March

I have an opportunity for artists and fans of comics to get their work seen. Please forward this e-mail to your students if you think they would be interested in becoming a guest blogger for Laydeez Do Comics in March.

LDC is an international forum where artists and fans of the graphic novel meet up to discuss, share and connect over autobiographical comics. The main website is

For every meeting we invite in a guest blogger for the event. This will involve documenting the presentations of the evening with words and images. Examples can be seen on the blog section of the main website.

The first Birmingham based meeting will be held on 23rd March at the Green Room CafĂ© (opposite the Hippodrome) from 6pm until 8:30pm. Presentations will be given by Asia Alfasi, Sally Jane Thompson and Laura Howell.

If you are an interested student, please e-mail me ( with a sample or link to your work and I'll either invite you to document the one in March or add you to a list of potential guest bloggers for future meetings.

All the best,

Charlotte Bailey
Birmingham Coordinator for Laydeez Do Comics

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