Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mark Allsop - MA Show

The Troubles (Na Trioblóidí)

The human cost of the Northern Ireland Troubles 1968 – 1998

The Troubles were a violent thirty-year conflict, set against a complex political background. During the period 1968 – 1998 over 3,600 people were killed, up to 50,000 physically injured and countless others psychologically damaged by the conflict. This legacy continues to shape the political landscape of Northern Ireland.

My work will consider and explore the human cost of the conflict, analysing the historical context of the Troubles and the impact on lives that continues to this day. The images will include historical and contemporary video and photography that is at times uncompromising and explicit in content. The installation will create a demanding yet reflective narrative that considers themes of memorial, documentary, truth, understanding and reconciliation. It will address the human cost of The Troubles with regard to death and bereavement, physical and mental injury, the scale of the conflict in terms of numbers of people affected and the social deprivation experienced.


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