Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Graduate greetings and updates

It's to receive greetings from past graduates and hear about careers since  their graduation. We have recently been in touch with the following visual communication graduates who have been successfully pursuing their design ambition finishing their degrees a number of years ago. 

Kevan Wassell is a Graphic designer at Emperor design, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Emperor is a design and communications agency based in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh and are proud to be a 'Design Week' Top 15 agency.

Rachel Burton-Pye is Graphic and Website Designer at European Powder Metallurgy Association

Alan Kiernan is Webmaster, Flash & Web Designer at Purple Pony Productions, Ireland

Mike Benbow is a Graphic designer at Fantastic Rain, Walsall, United Kingdom

Craig Cooper is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Adam Cox is Lead Developer at DRP Group Dudley, United Kingdom

Keane Low is Junior Art Director at The Wizard's Room Malaysia

Andre Porsbøll Strømodden  is a Typographer at Varden Norway

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