Friday, 9 December 2011

Gry Jeanett Henriksson - Graduate Success

Gry Jeanett Henriksson graduated from The University Of Wolverhampton in 2009. After returning to her home town  she began working for a design consultancy called "Digitalfabrikken" (The Digital factory).

“I learned a lot and got involved in design projects with huge companies like DnbNor (a bank) and Yara. I designed magazines, stands for Aven, created new logos and art-worked lots of press ads for real estate firms. I had a great time and got a lot of responsibility which I thought was awesome!”

After a while she moved to EddaMedia ( as a client manager/graphic designer in T√łnsberg before relocating with the company to Oslo where she lives and works today.
Edda Media is one of Norway’s leading media company with 88 editorial publications, niche digital products and a local radio station.
Most of Edda Media's local newspapers are leading titles in their area, and have a weekly readership of 1 million people and an additional 1 million online users.

Gry now manages many different tasks and people and spends a lot of her day contributing to (in particular for the cities of Drammen, Fredrikstad and Moss), and designing print ads for  both sweetdeal and "Lokalguiden" (local guide) as well.

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