Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mint crafts products - Designer

Visual Designer

Mint crafts products designed to inform, entertain or delight and hopefully make people’s lives a little bit better along the way. The Studio within Mint is a cross disciplinary team of creatives, strategists and designers, working in unison to invent and bring our creative vision to life.

We are now looking to add a new visual designer to the team.

Design at Mint is all encompassing. The majority of your work will be designing for the web and mobile, but with the breadth of what Mint makes, you’ll have the opportunity to dip into print, animation and even product design with the likes of Olly. You will be designing for wherever the future takes us. For that journey, we need someone who is broadly talented across design and will recognise this breadth as an opportunity.

The work will involve a balance of client work and developing new Mint products. Everyone at Mint has the opportunity to develop ideas for new Mint products. We’re not afraid to try things we haven’t tried before either: Stickygram, now a thriving Mint business, was one recent idea.

The studio environment is one of collaboration. You will often find you spend more time discussing and sketching than sitting in front of your computer. We question every design decision we make, so you need to be comfortable with having your opinions challenged, as well as ready to challenge the opinions of your colleagues.

A strong visual sense honed over 1-3 years of professional experience will play a key role in our selection, but we would also be looking to see an understanding of how users interact with technology.

We’re a small team doing big things. You will have every chance to make a difference and shape our output. Creative work always involves collaboration and how we gel together as a team is a key consideration. We hope to work with the right person for years to come.

We look forward to talking. Email us at

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