Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Brad Ankers@New Blood 2012

Featured here is some of the work by Brad Ankers from this years New Blood exhibition at Spittalfields.

Garment care symbols redesign
A campaign aimed at challenging the design of garment care symbols found printed on the labels of clothes. I wanted to create a system which acts as a recommendation to the user rather than a ‘you must wash it like this’. I decided to ruthlessly and critically expel lots of the symbols used today and narrow it down to just 2 symbols. The 2 symbols symbolise the only information that the consumer needs to know in a clear and understandable way, which doesn’t need to be supported by text. The first symbol symbolises ‘wash at 30, with colours’ and the second symbol symbolises ‘wash at 40, with light colours’. My research told me that colours can be washed at 30 and not only come out feeling just as fresh and clean but also saving you money. Also my research told me that whites can be washed at 40 and also save money with out taking away the fresh and clean feel to your clothes. The symbols hope to change peoples ways in which they wash their clothes so that co2 emissions are kept down and saving energy is kept up.

Milk Packaging
Low carbon footprint milk packagingThis was my response to a packaging design competition brief set by ‘starpack’. The brief’ was to design a new and low carbon footprint way to package milk.

'RecAPPe' smart phone application.
A smart phone application that I designed called ‘RecAPPe’ – an application that allows users to scan the bar codes of food products and then view recipes that match the ingredients that were scanned.

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