Monday, 23 July 2012

The Gentletude Design Award

The Gentletude Design Award is an international award for typhographic design students. The Award is run by the NGO Gentletude, a not-for-profit organization founded by Cristina Milani. The award aims is to encourage a new generation of designers to be creative and consider a term known but often not used: kindness.

Using the alphabet to create a message, students are asked to elaborate on a message inspired by the term "gentletude" and including the words "Kindness" and "Attitudes". 

The message they design will later be shared via smartphones, so it is important to keep in mind technological constraints when creating your design. The idea is that the recipient of the message will reflect on kindness as an option for a better life.

There is no entry fee.

The Gentletude Design Award is open to students at the university level (or graduates within 4 years after graduation), who study or studied in the following countries: Italy, England, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Argentina, Japan.

1 International winner:
• 1,000 Euro per student or team (up to four members)
• Gentletude Award Certificate

2 International runners-up:
• 500 Euro for each
• Gentletude Award Certificate

10 international finalists:
• Gentletude Award Certificate

More details to be found at: 

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