Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dan Muir@NewBlood 2012

Featured here is some of the work by Dan Muir from this years New Blood exhibition at Spittalfields.

The Illustrated Periodic Table of Elements
Chemistry was never my favourite subject at school. I always remember struggling with the periodic table & elements in particular.
The names are particularly hard to remember, and some the the symbols do not match the name of the elements, for example Fe for Iron.
This Periodic Table makes it clear for young students to identify an element, by using simple images relating to their use commercially.

In life we try to resist temptation everyday.
But as a designer I believe these temptations become harder. To walk through a super market and not want to put everything straight and forward facing is a particular struggle.
The posters I've created gives the user a little taster of the struggle designers face. Do you keep the posters in perfect condition, or resist temptation and follow the subtle instructions to make the plane fly...

Pencils Before Breaktime
Pencils. We all use them; we all lose them just as easily. How many times to we go to our bags, pencil case, or desk tidy and not find our pencil. The many uses of pencils are endless and we use them more than we realise in our everyday lives. This short film is a focus on how we use them and how from an office block to a building site, the pencil is a universal tool and all trades.
The pencil is the jack-of-all-trades, and master of them all too.

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