Friday, 28 March 2014

Just Have to Share - Ghostsigns

What are Ghostsigns?
Ghostsigns are the often faded remains of advertising that was once painted by hand onto the brickwork of buildings. They can be found in cities, towns and villages throughout the UK and across the world. They advertise many different products and services, some familiar, some less so.

The key to finding Ghostsigns is paying attention to the buildings you pass and looking up, as they are often situated high on the walls.

Many signs have survived until today but many more have been lost due to weathering, being over-painted or their host building being destroyed. Ghostsigns exists to create a permanent record of their existence for the benefit of our own and future generations’ understanding of this important but often overlooked part of our commercial, craft and advertising history. The work of pulling this together is co-ordinated among photographers, researchers and other volunteers via the web.

Ghostsigns was started by London resident Sam Roberts in 2006, the project has undertaken a number of initiatives over the last seven years and continues to inspire amateurs and professionals alike to appreciate the painted history found on walls around the world.

Ghostsigns is part of the History of Advertising trust and can be viewed at:

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the project, if you find signs that aren't in the archive then do send them through to HAT for inclusion, details at