Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Just Have to Share - Overlooked, by Pentagram

Overlooked is the 45th self published Pentagram Paper, highlighting the quirky or vernacular design. Pentagram London partner Marina Willer wanted to “celebrate the gatekeepers” to the world beneath London’s streets - hence the manhole covers.

Rubbings of various forms of this type of street furniture were taken, including coal hole covers, cast iron discs covering sewer access points, and gas mains.

Their intriguing patterning is shown in fluorescent colours, reproduced as a series of life-size prints featuring the location and name of the foundry that produced them - some of which emanate from the foundries of The Black Country.

“Our hope is that this collection of street covers can serve as a reminder that a city’ beauty isn’t limited to art galleries or grand architecture, and that intricate design is everywhere,” say Pentagram.

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