Monday, 27 June 2011

Junior designer role – sales & marketing

Reevoo is looking for some young blood: a talented, hungry junior designer.

Working alongside our design team, your primary focus will be sales and marketing collateral (about a 60/40 split). You’ll be full of ideas and handy with the usual design kit: crayons, fingerpaints, glitter and Adobe Creative Suite. Do you like Photoshop? Great! There’ll be plenty of mockups. Illustrator? Perfect, we’re going to need icons, spot illustrations and other graphics. How about PowerPoint? Really? You *like* PowerPoint? … Ok, you’re hired.*


• are a rapidly growing tech startup
• help shoppers make the best choice whilst boosting sales for our clients
• make awesome things like Just Buy This One (and its related zombie counterpart)
• believe in transparency and creating great solutions for our users
• will listen to you, your ideas and your hare-brained schemes
• are a fantastic team made up of all kinds of differently brilliant and interesting people
• occasionally have Nerf gun battles break out in our office


• have a good, solid basis in design
• like to draw and illustrate
• can make data easy to understand and beautiful with no sweat
• pay attention to detalis and don’t miss typos
• have a passion for typography
• play well with others
• know your way around Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office
• are passionate about design. Really, really passionate. That counts for a lot.
• have all kinds of other creative interests: photo, letterpress, screenprinting, etc.
• don’t mind the occasional Nerf gun battle breaking out around you
• want to learn everything about UI, UX and hbuilding web products,

You might also:

• have a passion for infographics (Tufte, not McCandless)
• have kicked the tires on some CSS and HTML
• have worked or interned in an Agile tech environment before
• be a decent shot with a Nerf gun (we can supply one for the interview if necessary)

Some benefits:

• 20% free time
• top of the line coffee machine
• animatronic talking Santa Claus
• bike parking and shower room
• hot and cold running water
• windows

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Design
• Awesomeness
• Sense of humour

You know the drill: send a CV and a portfolio (or a link to a portfolio) to “” with subject line “Young Blood” and we’ll take it from there.

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