Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Designer - Mint Digital, United Kingdom

Our Designers love the web, whether it’s viewed on a laptop, tablet or mobile, and believe in making it beautiful for all to use. A love for typography, colour and pixel perfection should come as standard, along with an understanding and interest in what makes users click, tap, swipe and scroll. Through the creation of crafted visuals, users will not only be amazed by how our products look, but how easy they are to use.

Working closely with our interaction designers, creative strategists and developers, you will form a team that creates world-leading work. It’s not all on the web though, just take a look at our own products Olly, and Stickygram. They were all conceived, designed, developed and launched by Mint.

The most important thing is that you fit in. We’re a big family here and that’s the way we want it to stay. You’ll get involved in our regular meetups (Bacon Bits, Music/Tech, Ladies Who Code), conferences (Bacon, 2Screen), hot-pot outings and table football/tennis tournaments.

To recap, here is what’s important:
1-3 years experience
Top notch visual design skills, layout, typography
Human centred design approach

To apply email us at with a link to your portfolio.

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