Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MIchael Salu to host Granta Salon on the ethics of Photojournalism

Wolverhampton Graphics graduate and Granta Artistic Director, Michael Salu is hosting a salon on the ethics of Photojournalism

Photojournalists bear witness at the front line of human experience. But when does photojournalism become exploitative? Granta’s February art salon will open with a presentation of Julie, a photo essay by Darcy Padilla featured in Granta 122: Betrayal and a dramatic reading of an extract of Padilla’s journal about her work. Julie is a devastating portrait of a woman living with Aids and struggling with motherhood after a lifetime of abuse and addiction. From a first encounter at a flophouse in San Francisco to the end of Julie’s life in Alaska, these photographs and Padilla’s reflections show how trust and exploitation mingle between artist and subject.

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