Friday, 21 June 2013

Creative Internship - Jack Morton in London

Creative Internship available at Jack Morton in London

Do you have Obsessive Creative Disorder?

You’ll know it if you have it. You seem to hoard creative thoughts and awesome ideas. But you know the difference between the good ideas and the bad ones. And you’re certainly not the type who just sees pretty things and paints them.

Maybe you can paint though. Maybe write. Maybe design. But that’s not the most important thing to us. We’re looking at the stuff inside your head; your lateral thinking; your savvies. We’re looking for what it is about you, which makes us think that the industry’s not going to know what’s hit it.

Jack Morton is a marketing agency that prides itself on clever thinking; an agency that receives a huge range of challenging and exciting briefs that constantly keep us on our toes.

Some of these briefs will require us to create brand experiences for things like large B2B events and these are briefs which, if put into the wrong hands, have potential for very, very dull delivery.

But that doesn’t suit us. It makes our bum look big.

And that’s why our clients choose us. Because Jack Morton is all about wetting anything that is too dry. Delivering the most creative solutions to our clients to help them, and us, stand out as ‘ideas led’.

And we are realists. We understand the challenges in not only generating bold ideas, but selling them in to clients. But this doesn’t stop us from being brave.

So, if you think you’re brave enough and brilliant enough to join us, then we’ve got a little challenge for you; in fact, we might even have a career for you.

Closing date is 12 July 2013.

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