Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lelo Design Award 2013

Swedish designer brand LELO invites a new generation of innovators, designers and artists to introduce new products and concepts that will facilitate new sensual experiences in ways never seen before.

Applicants are asked to give a personal interpretation of pleasure that pushes sensory boundaries of all kinds. You should create objects, accessories and experiences to enhance the possibility of pleasure in everyday life. It’s time to make creative use of neglected or overlooked ideas of pleasure - positive design for positive experiences!

There are two categories:
• Fashion & Accessories:
In what way can the clothes and accessories we wear become tools for pleasure and entertainment? What playful and unexpected functions could they incorporate? Make fashion fun and explore new possibilities for pleasure.

• Products & Spaces:
Micro-technologies, augmented reality, responsive and smart materials are already changing the ways we interact with objects and spaces. Do something different and think about how interaction can deliver new forms of pleasure.

Submitted work must be original design by the applicant himself/herself that has never been released or published.

There is no entry fee.


Open to all innovators, designers and artists worldwide.

• 1000 € (approx. 1,300 USD) Fashion & Accessories
• 1000 € Products & Spaces

LELO will also promote the winning submissions to the most important design publications globally, highlighting designers’ profiles and concepts. The projects will also be featured on the LELO homepage.
More information can be found here
Deadline:  August 1, 2013

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