Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Move 'n' shake, AKA. Dave Healey and Keith Vickers

Wolverhampton visual Communication graduates Dave Healey and Keith Vickers are doing well with their company 'Move 'n' shake'. having recently been asked to design a book cover for a hefty volume celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the much-loved television comedy team as well as other promotional items for point of sale and web use. 'The Goodies: Super Chaps Three' required a representative book cover which was to prominently feature the principal cast of the TV series highlighting its zany styling. Their client also wished to use the logotype associated with the series title as it is a well known brand.

"We chose representative shots of each character and combined them in front an iconic image representing the madcap adventures of the TV characters - the giant kitten. In addition to the book cover we provided a poster using a modified interpretation of its imagery for use at a number of publicity events, an animated web banner, a number of 3D animated promotional stings and a photo-comic strip style advertisement."said David

"Time and again Move 'n' Shake have come up with with goods. They designed us an excellent cover and accompanying promotional material for our book on The Goodies, and for our publication on Bob Monkhouse provided a much-talked-about cover as well as layouts of photo plates and editorial pages. I couldn't recommend them too highly." Simon Coward, Managing Editor, Kaleidoscope Publishing
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