Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Arjun Rull - Sandwich placement

Graphics student Arjun Rull has just returned from a years sandwich placement with Capgemini organised by Hilary Price in the Creative Employability Studio. His role within the team allowed him to use and develop diverse skills linked to technology, the work environment plus solution objects for rapid design, prototyping and implementation.

While at the company, Arjun was involved in the running of events for clients including HMRC.

"Truthfully, this placement was the best opportunity and risk I've ever under-taken" Says Arjun "It has allowed me to first hand experience the business/corporate world that awaits me after I graduate. I say risk, because I knew it would mean a year out of the University, and taking extra time to complete my degree. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong, as it just meant I would be a year ahead of everyone at graduation. Knowing this, I have gained so much more awareness of the necessary requirements of my profession. 

Through this placement I've dealt with clients, moved around to various locations of Capgemini (London, Worthing, Newcastle). I've learnt how to push my abilities to breaking point and how to develop myself and my confidence in every area. But most of all I've learnt how to ask the right question. There is no such question is a wrong or stupid question and being able to ask the right question will allow me to visualise an answer from a completely different perspective. I've not just gained new skills in using software, hardware or programmes but most importantly, I've learnt how to approach the world of work, gaining advanced skills in communication; talking, listening, documenting, editing, and self-awareness. So many new skills come to mind that have transformed me into a completely different person, than I was a year ago.”

To find out more about Sandwich Placements for Visual Communication Students contact Hilary Price at: or phone 01902 322433

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