Monday, 22 October 2012

Savvas Georgiades - Sandwich Placement

Savvas Georgiades has just returned from a years sandwich placement at Majestic-12 Ltd - the company behind - a global leader specialising in providing internet map data to internet marketing specialists. He was employed as a Web designer, His role consisted of producing designs for others to implement. He worked in a team to introduce a consistent look and feel to the company website, and associated channels, such as the blog, Youtube page, and facebook page. He was also involved in other aspects of advertising and branding, including T-shirts, key rings, voucher cards and banners for conferences around the world. 

" I feel really proud and fortunate that I had the chance to experience being part of a company in a nice environment and work within a group of professionals. says Savvas. "It is obvious that being a part of a working team, you rely on them and they rely on you and it is very important to keep this balance. I believe, a sandwich placement is an excellent opportunity for every student to gain good experience and get an understanding of the real world outside the University. It gives you the chance to learn how professionals work - I would definitely suggest other students apply for a placement because it is a challenge and a great experience to expand learning."

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