Friday, 19 October 2012

The DRN Conference took place on 11th and 12th of September and was attended by academics, researchers and practitioners from all over the world, from Australia to the United States to Loughborough University.
Wolverhampton Visual Communication lecturers participated - The work of Howard Reid was exhibited and Jessica Glaser presented a paper entitled 'The role of drawing within the development and realisation of designing with type'.

Andrew Selby Head of School of The Arts at Loughborough University, said: "This conference was well attended by a rich variety of practicioners and academics. We knew Drawing Knowledge would both attract attention and provide a great talking point for presentations and it has delivered on this."

View the original call for papers for Drawing Knowledge at the DRN Conference this year by clicking the link below:

A number of fascinating drawing research sites and blogs are linked to the DRN, including:

Reportager which exists in order to support, initiate, and showcase projects involving drawing as reportage, visual journalism, documentary drawing and illustration as visual essay.

Antarctic Time-Lapse Drawings established by Nicholas Hutcheson who has created an ongoing series of short time-lapse drawings of the Antarctic landscape.

Drawing Research as a Comic, A drawing research blog by Nick Sousanis taking the form of a comic. It approaches drawing research using a metaphor of seeing, and seeing through drawing,

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