Monday, 13 October 2014

Dr Rina Arya - Abjection and Representation

The work of Visual Communication Reader Dr Rina Arya has featured on this blog previously

Her latest book 'Abjection and Representation' has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan. It is a theoretical investigation of the concept of abjection as expounded by Julia Kristeva in Powers of Horror (1982) and its application in various fields, including the visual arts, film and literature.

"Rina Arya's Abjection and Representation is a clearly written and accessible introductory guide to our various social, political, psychic, corporeal, and aesthetic 'adventures of abjection' in contemporary theory, art, literature, and film. The book is long-needed and effectively has no peers." – Calvin Thomas, Georgia State University, USA

Rina Arya provides an accessible, systematic and interdisciplinary exposition of abjection in psychoanalysis, the role that it occupies in society and its resonance in different cultural fields. Drawing on the work of Georges Bataille, Mary Douglas and other theorists, the book explores the significance and continuing development of abjection as a cultural code that is of interest to contemporary artists, writers and film theorists. It promotes rigour, intelligibility and cross-disciplinary understanding.
 To find out more about 'Abjection and Representation' click here

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