Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Melanie Rich MA Digital and Visual Communications

'Inspire' is a new cereal brand created by Melanie Rich. "After diverse qualitative research I came to the conclusion that a product for an independent mix of various ingredients for cereals should urgently be present in supermarkets.

With this background in mind, the slogan 'select, create and mix' was born which refers mainly to the creative process of selection of ingredients and mixing. It is exactly this process which provides an incentive for children as they can fully decide for themselves what they would like in their cereal. Based on this, it is a fun for the whole family.

In addition, I have also paid attention to sustainability and environmental friendliness which is why the packaging is made out of bio-plastic which is produced from corn. This fact provides next to recycling even varied possibilities for reuse in private households." says Melanie

More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

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