Thursday, 2 October 2014

Leslie Klaedtke MA Digital and Visual Communications

Leslie Klaedtke believes that the average citizen lives their everyday life in the belief that those men who commit a serious crime will be found found guilty and will be locked up for the sake of society's safety.

"But what does happen when someone innocent is wrongfully convicted for a crime? When someone is very likely to lose almost everything in his life?

The story of this book narrates the path of those innocents who find themselves in an absolutely unfamiliar situation which they cannot cope with. Furthermore, it picks up on the experiences of those men during their time in prison and the effects of such experiences on their life after exoneration.

This modern and graphical edited book makes aware of the problem of wrongful conviction through judicial injustice and tries to communicate this topic in an interesting way to call for attention to prevent further misjudgement." says Leslie

More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

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