Thursday, 15 September 2011

Edwardian fleapit cinema - Travelling cinema & art event

Kirkland's New Empire Bioscope is an annual travelling cinema and art event that opens on 23rd September for a further eight evenings of entertainment during September and October. 
This exciting event is a tribute to the Kirkland family of Bilston, and their favourite cinema in that town, the Alhambra. Some of you may have had the pleasure of being at previous cinema nights, in a shop cellar or at the canal boat extravaganza last year.  This year's is equally inspiring, taking places at Bullet Studios within a 5min walk of Wolverhampton City centre.

Doors open at 7pm with screenings starting at 7.30pm. Each evening will have a main feature preceded by film shorts including selected artist's films. Further details of the film nights can be found at 

To accompany the screenings will be artist interventions to include a private peepshow, a photographic tour of lost cinemas of Wolverhampton, glimpses of a graphic novel, a tribute to the Scala cinema, Wolverhampton and a playful homage to classic film lines. A souvenir kiosk and a Phantasmagoria will also be there to entertain within the bioscope.

Booking in advance recommended. Price includes cinema entrance and refreshments.

There are only 20 seats in the cinema, so advanced booking is highly recommended.  Please call 07530658482 to book your tickets.

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