Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Exhibition opportunity for students and Alumni

Evolution Arts is a dynamic new arts project based in Netherton Arts Centre and they would like to invite visual communication students and alumni to participate in an exciting four month exhibition that will run from October 2011 to January 2012. The show will evolve over time, changing every two weeks.
The four month period will be split into two week stages, at the end of each time period, the exhibition will be shuffled, some works changed and added to keeping the show vibrant and fresh for the viewers. This gives artists and designers a fantastic opportunity to showcase a series of pieces over the life of exhibition, or to take part for just one stage, meaning the project is flexible around individual exhibitor requirements.

"Structuring the show in this way means that an artist or designer taking part could have a 'Focus Show', in which their work would be a main attraction, allowing each artist to gain experience in having a major show." says Charlotte, exhibition curator for Evolution Arts. 

For more information contact Charlotte on  

The dates of the show are as follows:
Period One: Monday 17th October – Saturday 29th October.
Period Two: Monday 31st October – Saturday 5th November.
Period Three: Monday 7th November – Saturday 19th November.
Period Four: Monday 21st November – Saturday 3rd December.
Period Five: Monday 5th December – Saturday 17th December.
Period Six: Monday 2nd January – Saturday 14th January.
Period Seven: Monday 16th January – Saturday 28th January.
There is a £15.00 charge for a single period exhibit, or £80.00 to exhibit for the entire length of this project. To book your space email:

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