Monday, 19 September 2011

48 sheet talk - for students and alumni

Readers may remember our post about 48 sheet artist commission opportunity, from a few weeks ago.

Claire Farrell, founder of EC Arts, is coming in to talk to level 3 Graphic Communication on Thursday 6th October at 10.00am in Mk 301 about their current international project, 48 sheet, for any students who may wish to take this on as a negotiated brief, Claire has managed to extend this billboards project outside of Birmingham so some will be sited now in Wolverhampton. This talk will be open to any interested students or alumni of the Visual Communication division seats will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

EC Arts, having successfully transformed public spaces through artistic interventions since 2006, presents 48Sheet, a National and International project that will transform the city of Birmingham and beyond, throughout April 2012 into a unique urban gallery by utilising up to 100 advertising billboards across the city for visual art.

For the inaugural 48Sheet project, EC Arts have identified various key partners committed to this project including Jonathan Watkins, Director of the Ikon Gallery and Dr Jiang Jiehong, Director of Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (BCU) who have identified international artists, Xu Zhen (Shaghai MadeIn Collective) and Raqs Media Collective (India) to co curate 60 billboards exhibiting new work created for this project.

EC Arts are now looking for established or emerging artists who can also develop the remaining 40 billboards to expand upon the existing National and International concepts within the overarching theme for the project of 'Cultural Curiosity'.  The 48Sheet project challenges the repetitive rhythm of a traditional advertising campaign by creating a network of unique and distinctive responses to the overarching project theme that will raise levels of consciousness and arouse cultural curiosity.

Artists and Visual Communicators will be invited to explore the concept by utilising billboards as their medium within this urban context. The sheer scale of the project and individual statements will provide an exciting opportunity to redefine the reach of art by giving it the footprint and visual impact usually reserved for the consumer market.

Sites identified so far:
Soho Road




Dudley Road




Gun Quarter

Jewellery Quarter

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