Monday, 3 October 2011

Cathrine Lillesund Toennessen

“When I graduated from University of Wolverhampton in 2009 with BA(Hons) Graphic Communication I returned home, to Norway. I started working for Save The Children and, in particular, their school-focused project “Rewrite The Future” (
My job involved travelling around Rogaland - meeting and talking to people; trying to further the charity’s mission and encourage donations.
 I stayed with them for around eight months and during this time I decided to further my education to reflect these new interests. I’m now in my second year at Markedsh√łyskolen on my second degree! I feel that Marketing with a major in PR and reputation will really help to expand upon the learning that I did at Wolverhampton.
However, even while doing this, I’m still designing; working freelance for Metropolis – Clean Scene: designing posters for drug-free events for youth in my own hometown. I’m even involved in design and communication at our own Student Union here in Oslo so my interest in graphic communication is still being put to good use!” (

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