Friday, 28 October 2011

Toni Williams in Shropshire Review Magazine

Third year Illustration student Toni Williams has recently been featured in Shropshire Review Magazine. Toni is working with Amy Hill, a graduate from Wolverhampton with a specialism in media and film production. Together the 2 are developing a film project.

“My area will be creating illustrations to help advertise the event and I will also be illustrating the screening of the film and maybe even a DVD cover if it progresses that far." said Toni

Over the summer Toni has taken on a commission to illustrate a children's book “I had around two weeks to split the story up into nine double page spreads, including a title page. My technique in illustrating the story was using 3d models as the main characters, phototransfers for backgrounds, and line drawing,” she says. 

Toni’s story was written by Madeley Infants School and is entitled ‘Greyface and the Pirate Pigs’.

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