Monday, 31 October 2011

Letterpress - Trip Print Press 2

Readers of this blog have undoubtedly seen the film previously posted on Trip Print Press. The company, based in Toronto Canada have been kind enough to share some more images and details of their work.

Trip Print describe themselves as:
“Purveyors of custom, contemporary and traditional letterpress printing. Specializing in fine mercantile printing, business and social Stationery, packaging, ephemera and special projects” 

The invention of printing with moveable type, is attributed to Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz on the Rhine in the mid 15th century. The subsequent mass communication of information and knowledge has literally transformed the world. It has become one of the most important events in cultural history and pleasingly, the technology has remained in widespread use for over five centuries. Remarkably, the method still used today are almost exactly the same as Gutenberg would have used.

One of rewards of working with letterpress comes from the creation of a design that is not only tactile and beautiful, but also ‘green’, as in it’s most simple form, wooden and metal letters can be reused, time after time. As a consequence of the hand-crafted nature of letterpress, no two prints are exactly the same.

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