Monday, 3 October 2016

Andre Schmoll - MA Show

Understanding, acceptance and adaptation are the necessary conditions for a brand which wants to be both global and sustainable, both within the environment and in soci­ety. Many current brands and their communication models are not able to achieve this. The main reason is that brands focus on psychological ways to manipulate their customers to make the biggest possible profit.

I came up with the idea of combining art and design to achieve a new form of brand communication. Design and art in combination are powerful media and tools which help brands gain the follo­wing conditions: understanding (with simplicity), acceptance (with art) and adaption (with integrity). I call this idea “Simplicity, Art, Integrity”. To make this idea tangible I developed nine key featu­res about what constitutes good design. I will show that the combination of art and design create a sustainable future, not only for a brand but also for society.

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