Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Darya Said - MA Show

Exactly 100 years ago in 1916 Kurdistan was split into four new states Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Ever since then Kurds have suffered an identity crisis. This documentary will explore what it means to be a Kurd in 2016.

Kurds are one of the biggest nations on the planet living without a state. This loss of identity has caused bloodshed between Kurds, who unwillingly have to live in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. They have been discriminated against because of their ethnic identity. The central regimes of these countries have ignored the Kurdish cause and the international community has not found it in their interest to put further pressure on the four regimes to support the Kurds. The film will focus on true stories that had happened as the result of the division of Kurdistan, and its consequences on the lives of Kurdish individuals. The question will remain what the Kurds struggle for?


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