Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ines Rast - MA Show

A world population of nine billion people is predicted by 2050. Resources are already depleted and 795 million people fight starvation (WTF, World Food Programme), while one third of edible food is thrown away every year. What has this to do with food photography? 

As a food photographer one is required to present food to stimulate taste. Pointing out the perfection of a dish or product leads to a consumer reaction in buying the product or cooking the dish. With my project, I would like to use food photography in a new way. In giving food a ‘voice’, my aim is to make people aware of current social issues such as food waste and therefore use food photography in a social context. My aim is to change consumers’ behaviour and attitudes and guide them towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Simultaneously, different photographic techniques will challenge me in expanding my food photographic skills. 

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