Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sarah Stein - MA Show

I want to make a campaign for World Bipolar Day. This day is celebrated every year on March 30, on the birthday of Vincent van Gogh. My campaign will consist of a video and a book. In the video, I point out that the stigma must be destroyed so that people suffering from such a disease have the courage to talk about it. 

In the video I want a person always shown from behind, doing extreme things in various situations, while the symptoms of bipolar are shown starkly; from mania to depression. Until in the end the person decides to talk to someone about it. In the book I want to tell them what bipolar disorder is, what the symptoms are, and how they show up. I want the information to tell in a story consisting of photos to show awareness of how crippling this illness is, as well as the multiple ways it affects the individual.


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