Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tilman Wagner - MA Show

As we all live on this planet and want to develop, we need to draw on its resources. The variety of our needs and consumption require different materials. For instance, wood, is a renewable resource, whilst plastic is not. 
Plastic is widely used as packaging which presents numerous problems. In 2010 the average consumer in the United Kingdom used 129 plastic bags just once before they were binned. As there is a big demand for plastic in every field of our life, the plastic production is overwhelming. An immeasurable amount of trash is polluting our environment and floating in our sea.
My aim of the project is to show my journey to find a way to force people to watch, and think about uncomfortable topics caused by their own fault, using the example of plastic waste and environmental pollution. By exposing the ruinous effects of plastic I hope to make people think about how they treat the environment.

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