Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Yannik Schlenz - MA Show

My project focuses on further experimentation to create a toolkit of experimental tactile objects to experience and interact with. Today we are facing the problem of the increased fragmentation of identity through technology. My aim is to think about the value of the body and perception of being in the real world. 

We already have overcome the limitations set by our body through technology and are slowly descending into a state of hybrid identity. To support my practical work, the theoretical part will focus on supporting and exploring my idea by determining the socio-cultural changes and values related to embodiment. The Fluxus’ use of implanting the observ­ers’ senses through interaction as a medium, Raoul Hausmann’s vision of the modern human with technology as part of the body and Picasso’s study of body fragmentation form the inspirational background I want to bring together in my work.


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